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Philippines is an archipelago comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is categorized broadly into
three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Its capital city is Manila.

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Filipinas Travel Guide Ortigas Center Malls SM Megamall

SM Megamall

SM Megamall is a large shopping mall located in the Ortigas business district of Metro Manila, Philippines. It is the third SM Supermall developed and operated by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall operator in the Philippines owned by Henry Sy Sr.

The mall has two buildings interconnected with a bridge. The mall is measured with a land area of approximately 18-hectares and has a total floor area of an estimated 348,000 m², making it the third largest shopping mall in the country and seventh largest shopping mall in the world. Megamall is the mall that gave attention to Filipinos to make way for the malling experience.

The mall attracts a daily foot traffic of 800,000 people. Currently, SM Megamall is under major renovation and expansion with the 3-hectare parking lot in front of Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) will be redeveloped into more mall space. When finished, it will be envisioned to become the largest mall in the country, surpassing SM City North EDSA.

The mall has the maximum capacity of 4 million people.

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